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Dialup Setup DSL Setup
Windows Vista DSL Setup
Windows XP - IE 6.0 Actiontec Wireless Setup
Macintosh OSX 2Wire 2700HG-D wireless setup
Macintosh 8+ Zoom X6 wireless setup
Email Setup Miscellaneous
iPhone/iPad Email Setup Transfer Files to a New Computer
Android Email Setup Hevanet Dialup Access Numbers
Nook Color Email Setup Setting up Filezilla FTP
Thunderbird 3.1 Email Setup Windows 8 - Classic Shell
Windows 8/8.1/10 - Windows Live Mail 2012  
MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) Mail  
Windows 7 - Windows Live Mail 2011  
Windows 7 - Windows Live Mail  
Vista - Windows Mail  
Outlook Express - 6.0 Email  
Office Outlook 2010 Email  

The following are no longer supported by
Microsoft and are considered unsafe for Internet use:
Windows ME - IE 5.5
Windows 98 - IE 5.0
Windows 98 - IE 4.0
Windows 95
Windows NT