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New Email Service

We made several improvements to our email services.

  Better Webmail: The new Webmail comes with more features, such as address book and a copy of your sent emails.

  SSL: SSL encrypts password when receiving and sending email.

  IMAP: IMAP allows you to cloud your email so email is synced on all your devices.

Option 1: UPGRADE

This is the easiest and most popular option as it only requires you to change the settings on your computer devices. It includes better webmail and SSL.


Option 2: CHANGE

This is the hardest option as it requires you to set up a new account on your computer while keeping the old setup/folder to keep your old email. Expert skills recommended. It includes better webmail, SSL, and IMAP.


How to change:

Regardless of which option you choose, your email address will stay the same and we will not charge you extra.

To change/upgrade your account, you must first email or call us at 503-531-9048 and tell us if you want Option 1 or Option 2.

If you already switched, then please use the following Email Maniacs pages for WebMail and Web Instructions:




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