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WINDOWS 98 - IE 4.0

If an Internet connection has never been set up on your computer before, clicking on the Internet Explorer Icon should start the "Internet Connection Wizard". You can start the Connection Wizard manually by going to: Start | Programs | Internet Explorer | Connection Wizard.


Setup Options - Choose the 2nd option. "I have an existing Internet account through my phone line or a local area network (LAN). Help me set up my computer to connect to this Internet account."

On the next screen, make sure the 1st option is checked. "Accessing the Internet using an Internet service provider or a local area network (LAN).

Setup Your Internet Connection

Connect using my phone line.

Phone Number

  • 503-972-4330
User name and Password
  • Username: your Hevanet login@hevanet.com.
  • Password: your initial password
Advanced Options - Click "No" to bypass these options.

Connection Name - change to Hevanet.

Say "Yes" to set up your Mail Account.

  • Your Name - Your name as you want it to appear on the emails you send.
  • Email Address - your Hevanet email address.
  • My incoming mail server is a POP3 server.
  • Email Server Names
    • POP3 - pop.hevanet.com
      SMTP - mail.hevanet.com
  • Login Using - your Hevanet login name and password.
  • Friendly Name - Hevanet Mail
  • Setup News Account - No
  • Setup Internet Directory Service - optional
Internet Explorer 4.0 uses Outlook Express for Email. To check your settings, click here.


To start your Internet session double click on the Internet Explorer Icon. You should see a Connect To Hevanet window. Make sure your Hevanet login name and password are in the username and password fields. Click on Connect to start your modem dialing. 

If you get any error messages, see the Troubleshooting section.

By default Internet Explorer is set to start from Microsoft's Web page. We recommend that you set Hevanet's Home Page as your starting page. To do so, in the Address field of Internet Explorer replace the text currently there with https://web.hevanet.com/search.html and press Enter. Then click on View, Internet Options. On the General Tab, click on Use Current. The next time you start up Internet Explorer, you will go directly to Hevanet.