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System Information

Hevanet Spamhater Club - A new free service by Hevanet. Filter your e-mail for most kinds of spam before you have to download it.

Vacation Auto-Reply mail - Going on vacation? Have an automated reply sent to those sending you e-mail. Easy to set up.

DSL Service - Hevanet is able to offer our customers High Speed DSL connections. See the DSL Page for all the details.

Hevanet WebMail -In order to give our customers more options with email, Hevanet has installed and set up a Web-based email interface. Now you can check your Hevanet email from any browser anywhere in the world. All you need is a connection to the Internet. A friend's computer, an Internet Cafe or the Public Library are all possibilities. You can delete messages you don't want (great for getting rid of spam or large file attachments!), reply to current messages or even compose and send entirely new messages.

Our position on Microsoft Front Page Extensions.