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Viruses and Virus Hoaxes

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Virus Hoaxes - Don't pass them on!
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We have found three Anti-Virus programs that are available for free or free trial.

AVG Anti Virus - Highly recommended and Free!
Avast! Anti Virus - Free Home Edition
Norton Anti Virus - Trial version

Free Web based Virus Scanner - Check your computer online.

There has been much said in the press and in email messages about computer viruses. Although the chances of contracting a virus over the Internet are rare, you should protect yourself, especially if you download files from the Internet.

There are many good software programs available that can scan your drives and your downloads for viruses. All will also disinfect any viruses they may find. Two of the most popular are Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee Virus Scan. You can check out their Web Sites and download trial copies of these products. 


Virus Hoaxes

These days there seems to be more virus "warnings" than actual viruses. Email warnings about "Penpal Greetings" and "Goodtimes" make the rounds every few months. These are all bogus. There is no need to pass these warnings on to others. Before you forward a warning message to all your friends, read the reports at the following web sites. It's not only educational, but interesting reading overall.