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Hevanet SPAMHATER Club™

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Tired of all the junk e-mail and spam? Would you like to significantly reduce the amount of spam you receive in your Hevanet mailbox? Then join the Hevanet SPAMHATER Club™! The SPAMHATER Club™ is an OPT-IN list. In other words, you must specifically tell us that you want your e-mail to be filtered for spam.

Fill out the form below and we will add you to the Postini spam filter.

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By submitting the above, I agree to the following:
I understand that there is the possibility that some legitimate email, addressed to the above address, could be filtered by the Hevanet spam filter. However, all filtered email is held in quarantine where it can be reviewed.
I agree not to hold Hevanet Communications legally responsible for any damages caused by the rejection or quarantine of any e-mail sent to the above address.

If you are currently ON the spam filter list and would like to be removed, fill out the form below.
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