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All Macintoshes sold today come preloaded with Internet Software and the System components for making an Internet Connection with an ISP. 

Older Macintoshes can also be connected to the Internet, but sometimes require more setup and configuration than the newer models. As a general rule, you should have at least System 7.5 and 16 MB of RAM. You may also need Internet application software (web browser, email program). Software packages can be purchased at retail stores, or you can download the software you need from Hevanet. For downloading, you will need some sort of modem communications program. Claris Works and Zterm are two common programs. See Section 06 for details on downloading.

Note: If your Macintosh has been setup for the Internet with a previous ISP, you do not need to install any specialized software to use Hevanet. You can easily reconfigure your existing software to use Hevanet. If you have questions about what changes to make, please give us a call. We can quickly show you what changes to make over the phone. 

02 - iMac

Your iMac comes with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 preinstalled. This guide will show you how to use the Internet Setup Assistant to configure your iMac for Hevanet.

Open the 'Internet' folder in the Hard Drive. Double-click the 'Internet Setup Assistant' icon and follow the on screen instructions:

  • Click the “Yes” button to continue.
  • Do you already have an Internet Account? Click "Yes”.
  • Introduction. Click the right arrow.
  • Name the configuration Hevanet and click Modem.
  • Modem Settings - The "iMac Internal 56k modem" should already be selected on this window. The settings should not be changed unless there is nothing selected.
  • Use 503-972-4330 as the phone number. Fill in your Hevanet login@hevanet.com and password from your account information sheet.
  • PPP Connect Scripts - Click “No”.
  • Your IP address is assigned automatically. Select 'No'.
  • Domain Name Servers:
    • Domain: hevanet.com
  • Fill in your email address.
    • Fill in your password in the password box.
    • Leave the quoting character as is.
  • Fill in your email account. The format is: username@pop.hevanet.com
    • The SMTP server should be:  mail.hevanet.com
  • Click “No” for Proxy servers.
  • Click 'Go Ahead' to complete the setup.

Be sure to read the Internet Explorer help files for more information on using Internet Explorer 4.01 (for browsing the web) and Outlook Express (for reading email) or contact Hevanet technical support at 503-531-9048 and we'll be happy to answer any questions for you. 

03 - OS 8.0 and 8.5

To configure manually, click the Apple menu, point to Control Panel then click TCP/IP.

Configure TCP/IP as follows:

  • Connect via: PPP
  • Configure: Using PPP Server
  • Domain: hevanet.com
  • IP Address, Router and Subnet mask from the server
  • Name server address: 

MacOS 8.0 uses the PPP control panel for the dialer. Fill in the phone number 

  • 503-972-4330
Also fill in your login name and password. .

Mac OS 8.5 is almost identical to OS 8.0. The main difference is the dialer control panel is called Remote Access instead of PPP. Follow the same steps as for 8.0

If you have Netscape or Internet Explorer installed, opening the program should start the dialing process automatically.