Charles Lehman artist's profile and bibliography of The Alcuin Press
Folio 1 , Folio 2, Folio 3 , Folio 4 showings of calligraphy & graphic design

Charles Lehman’s Labors

Calligraphy, Christian icons, handwriting, books for sale

Art is the making well of that which is worthwhile, an occupation using the hands,the head and the heart.

A Craftsman’s Way

Quick Secretary Hand
Early Uncial
Hebrew and Italic
Humanistic minuscule
Secretary Hand
Rough Textura

The Bud

The Bud
The prophet Isaiah wrote, “But a shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse and from his roots a bud shall blossom.” Jesse was the father of David, the King, who was the root of this sacred stalk. From this root David grew as a tree from which a noble branch came forth (the Virgin Mary). This branch put forth a flower when the Virgin Mary gave birth to Christ.

Christian icons
A Spiritual Dimension

The Stag
The Dolphin
The Lightning bolt
The Owl
The Palm
The Cornerstone
The Alpha & the Omega

A Way of Learning

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