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The Spiritual Dimension

Spiritual Dimension
The Stag
The Dolphin
The Lightning bolt
The Owl
The Palm
The Cornerstone
The Alpha & the Omega

In traditional culture workers were members of craft guilds. They identified themselves by the name of their crafts; one was a painter, another a stonemason, another a butcher or cook or weaver. The work, the way of life, was central to the individual’s identity and was the person’s means of centering and discovering an identity. The work was a way of holiness, a link between contemplantion and action. The craft, especially in the case of the calligrapher, was at the service of life as well as an expression of divine revelation. The work became a form of wordless prayer and devotion. It united the worker in a response of the creature to the Creator, making beautiful things for use. In this way the craft served creatively both the art and the artist.


Interlace knotwork, based on an eighth-century Carolingian manuscript.

Following is a selection of my designs of traditional emblems of Christ. In each case the emblem has a pre-Christian and even pre-Judaic history of use for religious purposes in ancient cultures. Today many of the emblems appear in the scriptural readings of Christian liturgical services as well as the artistic decor of church buildings and furnishings.

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