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Calligraphy, a Craftsman’s Way

Craftsman’s Way
Quick Secretary Hand
Early Uncial
Hebrew and Italic
Secretary Hand
Rough Textura

Art is the making well of that which is worthwhile, an occupation using the hands, the head and the heart. An artist then is not a special kind of person. Rather, anyone determined to work intelligently with love and a sense of personal responsibility for the results elevates any occupation to the level of art. Anyone seeking the best possible results in their work is a special kind of artist.

Cap L

Double line L. The matching illumination was made with the same broad pen.

When someone brings me a project in calligraphy or graphic design, we talk about it informally as friends with a common goal, the good of the work. Alternative ways of working are discussed until the best path is determined. By adding this kind of planning, this fellowship, to my proficiency with the tools, techniques and designs of the craft, the work goes well.

We make well only what we believe to be worth making: classic literature, sacred writings, and poetry are all at the head of the list. But the craft of calligraphy lives by common service: making certificates, stationery, and ordinary signs is worthy productive work that improves the skills of the worker.

Expressive movements of writing possess power to clarify ideas as they filter through the intellectual and emotional life of the writer. Informal freedom in writing can express passion and profound feeling beyond the literal meaning of the words. The rhythmic beauty of the patterned lines of the written text in itself gives the words “readability”, an attractiveness that draws the eye of the reader to the pleasure of reading. To serve the eye of the reader is the role of the scribe.

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