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Actiontec GT701-WG Setup

Open your web browser. Click stop,
then type the following in the address box:

You should get an Actiontec Main Menu screen.

Click on Setup/Configuration.

Click on Non Windows or Alternative Setup on the left.

Configure the following in the setup screen:

ISP Protocol

 RFC1483 Bridged

 PPP username and password are not applicable.
   Leave these blank.

IP Configuration

Select Static

 IP Address: [Call or Email Hevanet
 Gateway: [the Gateway is your IP address
           except with .1 as the last number]

DNS Configuration

Static DNS Addresses

 Primary DNS:
 Secondary DNS:

Scroll to the bottom and click, "Save and Restart".
On the next page, click "Save and Restart" again.

The modem will reset, and once the power and
DSL lights are solid green, you should be
able to access the Internet.

To set up the wireless on your Actiontec, see this web page.