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2Wire 2700HG Setup

If you are prompted for a setup code, please enter the following:


To configure the 2wire DSL modem use the following steps:

Open your web browser.  Click stop, then type the following
in the address box:

Select the Advanced Configuration Settings link in the
lower-right corner.

Scroll down the page, and click on the options:

RFC1483 Mode
Connection type: Bridged
     Addressing: Static
     IP Address: [Call or Email Hevanet
    Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: [the Gateway is your IP address
                  except with .1 as the last number]

Leave the Host and Domain boxes blank

On the right side of this screen click,
"Specify DNS Server Settings", and enter the DNS
server addresses:

  Primary DNS:
  Secondary DNS:

Scroll to the bottom and click, "Save".

To set up the wireless on your 2Wire, see this web page.