a creative space for dance & movement

Kirsten Peterson, Artistic Director

(503) 289-7306


Class Fees
Rates for classes vary based on whether the class is a session, class card, drop-in, or workshop.  Class fees are listed on the same sheet as the schedule.  Payment for classes can be made with cash or check payable to the class instructor.

Children/ Teens  
Girls: any color leotard, footless tights/bike shorts/leggings
Boys: any color leotard or T-shirt, bike shorts/leggings        
*Securely pull hair back away from the face and remove jewelry. 
*Please, NO tutus, feathers, sparkles, sequins, etc. on dance clothes.

Comfortable clothing. The more visible the body, the better the instructor is able to provide feedback about alignment and technique.

aurora believes in creating a supportive and non-judgemental learning environment. Rude, disruptive or derogatory behavior and language will not be tolerated. aurora does not practice or tolerate language or behavior that could be construed as discriminatory towards race, religion, gender, economic or social status, bodily aesthetics, political affiliation or sexual orientation.

Physical Contact
As dance is a physical activity, physical contact and touch does occur during a dance class. To promote the safe and correct use of the body, instructors may occasionally assist students with proper placement and alignment of the body during class. As well, students may work together in pairs or small groups during class exploring dance concepts and creating dances. If you have any concerns, please speak to the instructor.

Food and Beverages
Food, gum, soda and juices are not allowed in the space.  A self-sealing water bottle is strongly encouraged, especially in hot weather.