a creative space for dance & movement

Kirsten Peterson, Artistic Director

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aurora offers classes for children, teens and adults at all levels of ability.  Classes are taught by highly qualified instructors in a supportive and non-judgemental environment, where students are encouraged to explore their dance/movement and creative potential.  Safe and correct use of the body, cultivation of imagination and authentic self-expression are emphasized, promoting the unity of body, mind and spirit.

"...if you can walk, you can dance"  proverb from Zimbabwe

Welcome to aurora - a creative space for dance & movement.
I opened aurora in September 2003 after many years of teaching in a variety of locations. aurora was conceived as a space that nurtures the dancer in everyone, regardless of their dance background and their future goals. In 2006 aurora's physical space closed, but aurora continues to exist through its mission and classes that are held in other locations. I truly believe the arts are an important part of our life-long learning process and it is never too early or too late to tap into the creative spirit dwelling within. Dance has a powerful ability to bring joy into our lives and this is evident to me every time I dance and teach. As a dancer and a mover, I extend an invitation to join in the dance.

Kirsten Peterson - Artistic Director
Kirsten has been teaching, choreographing and performing dance for 30 years.  She has a Master of Fine Arts in Dance and a Master of Arts in Dance/Movement Therapy.  Kirsten has taught dance and movement to students of all ages and abilities in colleges, public schools, community centers, private studios and arts camps.  Locally she has taught at Grace Arts Camp, Willowbrook, Center for Movement Arts, Multnomah Arts Center, Metro Performing Arts, Portland Parks & Recreation, Augustana Academy, Clackamas Community College and the Beaverton OR, Vancouver WA and Camas WA school districts. Currently she teaches ballet at the The University of Portland. As a dance/movement therapist, Kirsten has worked with children, adolescents and adults to integrate body, mind and spirit.  Kirsten's teaching is informed by her studies in modern dance, creative dance, ballet, african dance, flamenco, improvisation, movement observation, anatomy and kineseology, Pilates and Iyengar yoga.