a creative space for dance & movement

Kirsten Peterson, Artistic Director

(503) 289-7306

Class Descriptions

Parent/Child Dance Parents and children will experience the joy of dancing and moving together to different styles of music. Class will focus on developing age-appropriate skills such as rhythmic awareness and coordination as well as developing body awareness..

Creative Dance I, II Students will be introduced to the joy of dancing in a creative and imaginative atmosphere. Children will acquire basic skills as they explore different movement concepts in a combination of structured and improvisational dance experiences. CD II students will learn more sophisticated dance technique as they continue to develop their creative skills. .

Modern Dance I, II, Teen A thorough introduction to modern dance technique, with an emphasis on body awareness, correct use of the body, musicality & improvisation. 

Modern Dance

Beginning class for those with no, very little or long ago dance training who desire to move and dance from a gentle and fundamental place.

Intermediate class for those with prior dance training who desire to continue exploring their dance ability and potential. Both classes emphasize breath, body awareness, flexibility and strength, correct body mechanics, musicality, modern dance technique and improvisation.

Creative Dance/Improvisation An on-going group that explores various dance concepts and group improvisation. You can join at anytime and no formal dance experience is needed.

Dancing From the Core Reconnect with your body, mind and spirit through dance and movement in a creative, supportive and non-judgmental environment. Explore your movement potential, Expand your movement repertoire, Awaken your creative spirit. Emphasis on body awareness and centering exercises, basic modern dance technique and phrases, movement meditation and improvisation. For those with or without previous dance/movement experience.

Mindfulness and  Movment   This class is for those with or without previous dance/movement training.  The class will consist of both structured and improvisational movement experiences designed to allow the mover to learn to become more aware of the physical, emotional and spiritiual aspects of dance/movement.

Friday Night Dance Jam   A brief warm-up followed by free dance/improvisation, ending with a brief cool down.