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Zoom X6 Setup

Open your Web Browser and go to:

User:     admin
Password: zoomadsl

Click Basic Setup on the left

Selected PVC    PVC 0
Protocol        1483 Brindged IP + NAT
Encapsulation   LLC
VPI             0
VCI             32 for CenturyLink 35 for Frontier

Use the Following IP Address

IP Address:     Call Hevanet 503-531-9048
Subnet Mask:
Gateway:        Call Hevanet 503-531-9048

NAT             Enabled

Click Save/Reboot

Click Advanced Setup on the left
Click LAN
Uncheck the Enable UPnP box (if checked)

Click Save/Reboot

Click Advanced Setup at the left
Click the DNS link

Change the second DNS entry to:
Click Save/Reboot

      Click the Wireless link  at the left

Enable wireless                 checked
SSID:                           HevanetWIFI
Hide SSID:                      unchecked
Click Save/Apply

Click Security on the left

Network Authentication:         WPA2
WPA Pre-shared Network Key:     Word or phrase 8 characters or more
WPA Group Rekey Interval:       0
WPA Encryption:                 AES

Click Save/Apply

Click Management on the left, then Access Control
Check “Enable” for  ICMP
Click Save/Apply