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Zoom X6 Setup

Open your web browser. Click stop,
then type the following in the address box:

Username: admin
Password: zoomadsl

Click Advanced Setup at the top
Click the WAN Configuration button

Selected PVC	PVC 0
Protocol	1483 Bridged IP + NAT
Encapsulation	LLC
VPI		0
VCI		35 Verizon
		32 Qwest

Use the Following IP Address

IP Address: [Call or Email Hevanet
Subnet Mask:
Gateway: [the Gateway is your IP address
          except with .1 as the last number]


NAT		Enabled
MTU		1500

ATM Traffic Class	UBR
Peak Cell Rate		0
Burst Tolerance		0
Max Cell Rate		0
Max Burst Size		0
Sustainable Cell Rate	0

Go to Advanced Settings again.
Click DNS
Add Secondary DNS:

Save Settings
Write to Flash

To set up the wireless on your X6, see this web page.