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WINDOWS 95/98 Tuneup

If you ever run into connection problems with Windows 95/98, here are some tips for checking all your settings. Just click on the colored text for screen shots of the relevant areas.


Click on Start, point at Settings, then click Control Panel. In the Control Panel window, double-click the Network Icon. At a minimum, you should have Dialup Adapter and TCP/IP installed. You may have other components installed, depending on you particular computer. The important component is TCP/IP. Click on TCP/IP and then the Properties button. On the IP address tab, it should be checked: "Obtain an IP address automatically". On the WINS Configuration tab, "Disable WINS Resolution" should have a dot. On the DNS Configuration tab, "Disable DNS" should be selected. If you have made any changes in the Network settings, you may be prompted for your Windows 95 or 98 CD. Restart your computer when prompted.


Windows Dialup Networking handles your modem and it's connection to Hevanet. The following settings have proven to give a reliable connection in the vast majority of cases.

Open My Computer, then Dialup Networking. Right Click on your Hevanet connection Icon and select Properties.

In the Properties dialogue, click the Configure button. On the General tab of the Modem properties, change the maximum speed to 57600. Click the Connection tab. Click the Port Settings button. Set both the Receive and Transmit buffers to one notch down from High.

Back on the Connection tab, click the Advanced button. Make sure Use error control is checked, but remove the check from Compress data. Use flow control and Hardware should always be checked.

Once back at the General properties of the Hevanet connection, click on Server Types. The type of Dialup server is always PPP, Windows 95 etc. All Advanced Options may be unchecked. Allowed Network Protocols: only TCP/IP is required. Click on the TCP/IP Settings button. Confirm the Primary and Secondary DNS numbers. ( & At the bottom, uncheck Use IP header compression. OK your way all the way back to the Dialup Networking window.