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Checking Email from Remote Locations

Checking Email from Remote Locations If you are traveling or are away from your primary computer and would like to check your Hevanet email, you have a number of options.

Depending on your situation, try some of the following techniques.

Use Hevanet's WebMail

WebMail is a Web-based email interface. You can check your Hevanet email from any browser anywhere in the world. All you need is a connection to the Internet. A friend's computer, an Internet Cafe or the Public Library are all possibilities.

Long Distance Dialing

If you are traveling with your laptop computer and it is already configured for Hevanet, simply dial the Hevanet access number as a long distance call. You should be able to retrieve your email with a minimum of time and charges. 

Configure a friend's email to your settings

This method requires you to have access to a computer that has a connection to the Internet. In the settings or preferences of the email program, change the POP3 server name to pop.hevanet.com and the user or account to your Hevanet login name. You will also need to know your Hevanet login password. You should also check the advanced setting to "Leave messages on Server". This way, your messages will still be there for you when you return. Don't forget to change the settings back to the original, or your friend will continue to get your email!

For information on configuring many of the most popular email programs, see our web page on the subject. 

Using a Free Web-based Email Service

Anoter option is to sign up for a free email account at one of the big web sites. We recommend Yahoo Mail(www.mail.yahoo.com) or Hot Mail(www.hotmail.com). They are very easy to set up and you can enable both to access your Hevanet email account. When you are in your Yahoo Mail, click Options to set up for checking your Hevanet POP email. The four pieces of information you will need are:

  • Mail Server = pop.hevanet.com
  • Username = your Hevanet login name
  • Password = your Hevanet password
  • Port Number = 110
You will be able to access your Hevanet email from any Web Browser on any computer connected to the Internet.

Have a good trip!