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Actiontec PK5000 Setup

Open your web browser. Click stop,
then type the following in the address box:

You should get a Actiontec or Qwest menu screen.

Click on Advanced Setup at the top right.

Click on the WAN IP Address link.
(middle of page or on the left)

Click the Yes button to proceed.

Configure the following in the setup screen:

ISP Protocol

1. RFC 1483 via Static IP

Encapsulation:   RFC 1483 Bridged

2. PPP username and password are not applicable.
   Leave these blank.

3. Select the IP Type

   IP: [Call or Email Hevanet
        503-531-9048 support@hevanet.com]
   Subnet Mask:
   Default Gateway Address: [the Gateway is your IP address
                             except with .1 as the last number]

4. Select the DNS Type.

Static DNS Addresses

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Scroll to the bottom and click, "Apply".

The modem will reset, and once the power,
DSL and Internet lights are solid green, you
should be able to access the Internet.

Wireless Setup

The modem wireless is on by default. The SSID and Passphrase/Key
are on the side or the bottom of the modem.

Use the following steps to make your Passphrase/Key easier to remember.

Click on the Wireless Setup icon at the top.

In the navigation bar on the left, click Wireless Security.

Note down the SSID: this is the network name you'll join with your wireless devices.
You can change this to a name of your choice.

Set security type to WPA-WPA2-Personal.

If encryption type options are in the interface, select Both.
Scroll down to select the radio button Use Custom Security Key/Passphrase.
Enter an alpha-numeric passphrase that is at least 8 characters long.
For example, "thequickbrownfox". Click on apply at the bottom to save the settings.