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Modem Connection Speeds

Today's high speed modems have made surfing the Internet much more enjoyable. Many people are wondering why their brand new 56K  modems only connect at 28.8, 26.4 or less. 

The reasons are complicated and varied. But the single most important factor in attaining a high connection speed is phone line quality. Under normal conditions, your modem and ours try to negotiate the highest possible connection speed. If there is noise or other anomilies on the line, the modems will drop back and try to negotiate at a lower speed. Under extreme conditions, no connection at all can be made. Also, since each dialup connection is made on a separate phone line between you and Hevanet, the acutal number of customers logged on to Hevanet has no effect on the connection speed of any one customer.

Hevanet has many, many customers that report they consistantly get a 56K connection. There are those few whose phones lines will just not support the higher speeds. 3Com/US Robotics does provide a special line that can test your phone line and modem. Although it is a long distance call, it should only take a few minutes to complete the test.

Line Test Info

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