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Modem Settings

Sometimes changes on the telephone network can adversely affect your Hevanet dialup connection. You may experience dropped connections, slow connect speeds or poor throughput.

All of Hevanet's dialup lines are capable of 56K, v.92 connections. However, we have no control over the actual phone lines between you and us. If you are having problems with your dialup connection, try some of these tuning tips.

In all cases, the first thing you want to check is the actual wiring in your house or location. You want to use a good quality telephone cord to go between the wall jack and your computer. The cord should be no longer than necessary. It should not pass through any filters, splitters, surge protectors or any other device. Also, check all the wall jacks in the house. Make sure none are loose.

Windows XP - Go to Start -> Connect To -> Hevanet. When the Connect to Hevanet box appears, click the Properties button. In the phone number box, add 3 commas after the phone number (i.e. 503-972-4330,,,).

Then click on the Configure button under your modem listing. Change the Maximum speed to 57600. Then uncheck the box next to "Enable modem compression". Click OK and then OK again.

If you are still having trouble, there is a more advanced setting you can try in the modem Properties. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Phone and Modem Options. Click on the Modems Tab. Click on the Properties button at the bottom. In the Modem Properties, click the Advanced Tab. In the Extra Initialization commands box, enter +MS=V90. This will disable the newer V92 protocol but maintain the more stable V90 protocol. (which is still 56KB speeds).

Windows Vista