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Using a Calling Card

Although Hevanet does not have a toll free 800 number, you can still dial into Hevanet with a minimum of cost by using a low cost calling card. These are widely available in many stores. One of the best is the MCI Calling Card available at Costco. Only 2.9 cents per minute.

To use your calling card to dial Hevanet from out of town, follow these suggestions:

The trick for using a calling card is to make a test call first to our data line (503-972-4330) with a regular phone. Write down all the numbers you need to punch in to complete the call. Any time you need a pause to wait for a prompt, use a comma (each comma represents a 1 sec. pause).

Once you have the sequence down, edit the phone number in your Hevanet connection screen to contain the sequence.

As an example, this sequence works with a Costco MCI calling card when dialing from a hotel in which "9" is required to get an outside line.