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Additional Email Alias Setup

If you have opted for an email alias, this page will show you how to set up your email program to use your new email alias address.

Remember, your new email alias is not a full email acccount and has no password. It is two email addresses delivering to the same mailbox.

For multiple Email aliases, Outlook Express is by far the best email program.


  1. Go to Tools -> Accounts.
  2. Click Add -> Mail.
  3. Fill in your name.
  4. Fill in the new email address: [your new alias address]
  5. Type of Server: POP3
  6. Incoming Mail Server (POP3): null
  7. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): mail.hevanet.com
  8. Account Name: [your new alias]
  9. Password: [leave blank]
  10. Finish.
After finishing, select the new account and then click the Properties button. Change the Mail Account name at the top to your new alias name. Uncheck the box at the bottom for "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing". Note: this will not affect your ability to send or receive emails using this new account.

Whenever you reply to or start a new email, you will have a choice at the top of the mail message window to select which address you want the email to be FROM.

Now that you have your new alias account configured, you can get fancy and use Outlook Express's Message Rules to sort your emails to different folders. Here's how.

Go to Tools | Message Rules | Mail. Click the New button. 

  • In the #1. box, scroll down and check "Where the message is from the specified account". 
  • In the #2. box, check "Move it to the specified folder". 
  • In the #3. box, click on the first blue "specified". Select your new account name and click OK. Click on the second blue "specified". Click the "New folder" button. Type the name of your new account and click OK. Click OK again. 
  • In the #4. box, change the message rule name to your new account name. Click OK and OK again.
Now mail from each account will be routed to its own folder.

When you compose new messages or reply to current messages, you should have a choice of email addresses to choose from in the FROM: field of the message. Just pick the address you want.