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Thanks for stopping in. This site has information about my writing including my books and where you can get them, a bibliography of Medieval History, and some common fallacies concerning medieval life as well.

There are also links to other writers, and important sites connected with writing in general and mystery writing in particular.

Recently several people have been asking me about the Templars. They seem to have picked up some strange ideas somewhere so, for your edification, I have compiled a list of places to find accurate information on the Order.
Any information I have, I found in them. Click Here the Templars reading list>>

If you find this useful and would like similar lists on other aspects of the Middle Ages, please . I'm open to requests.

Read an interview with me by Raymond H. Thompson

A gift for teachers, grades 6-9.

I have adapted the Old French story of Erec and Enide as a short play. It is intended for older students (10-15) to present to either the rest of their class or younger grades. It can be used as part of a medieval unit with the props and costumes made as part of the exercise. There is no copyright; all I would like is a photo of the cast if the play is performed.

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