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Kasaan Kasaan is a 25-year-old solo singer, songwriter and producer with 20 years of experience in dance training and music study. Kasaan infuses tribal and techno grooves with modern pop melodies to create a new evolution of Top 40 Pop.   Devin Williams has assisted her in production, sequencing, and writing for at least a dozen songs -- four of them presented to Elektra records on a demo project.
UXB is the collaboration of Devin Williams and Nobodys Christopher Agnew.  The style is more experimental with strange, sometimes off-beat sample loops, techno synth sounds and dark vocals.  A true listening experience!!

Nobody is/was a foursome of vocals, guitar/bass, drums and keyboards.  The band played a wide range of material from heavy, rock-like music to industrial-techno dance styles.  Although the group is no longer playing together, their self-produced CD ...cares is still available in limited quantities.

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All songs (c) & (p) 1997, 1998, 1999 Devin Williams (BMI)