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There are many compilation albums on the market that seek to introduce elektro-industrial music to the general public. The problem with most of them is that they are rehash jobs designed only to make some quick cash. Cybonetix 1999 is different. This is a strong compilation featuring only exclusive tracks and remixes, and the tracks are hand-picked by a professional DJ who also happens to be an elektro-industrial musician himself. My first impression of this album was, "This is the kind of music that inspires people to open up their own dance clubs or to host their own radio shows."

CybOnetiX 1999

There's a diverse collection of talent on this album, and all of it inspires you to move. One of the best tracks is Side 3's "Groveling," which conjures images of New Order meeting Xorcist and mutating into some sort of third entity. Other artists include Bio-Tek, Cydonia, Frontrunner, Fockewolf, Biopsy, The Aggression, Infrastructure, Lateral Tension, Fatal Blast Whip, Joshua Bourke, SMP, FearvLoathing, Product 13, Dead Letter Office, Volition, Noxious Emotion, and Diverje. This album showcases many heavyweights in the elektro-industrial scene, and there's something new for both diehard fans and newcomers to the genre.

Author: Craig Conley
Publication: The Kettle Black


For many years there have been electronic compilations churned out with nothing new - stuck in 80's imitation. So it is interesting to finally see an improvement with the development of some innovating forces. This compilation is an example of that kind of new movement, an example of the bands and labels trying to move on. At times we may still hear hints of the 80's, but the 80's did have some great moments, and those are referential rather than imitational.

While some of the material here stands out as different, that is down to novelty value. As an increasing number of bands start to mix in these elements and then break new ground, these tracks will no longer be worthwhile. But on top of these tracks there are a considerable number of bands featured that will break new ground, making this compilation worth having.

Pacific is an upbeat track, mixing dance elements with sampled guitar and the hint of metallic percussion. Volition's vocals are somewhat poppy, but with an interesting distortion which offers a difference. As with much of this compilation, there is an amount of techno influence - now it is refreshing.

DSBP sure is cranking out the compilations! Elektro discharge is another comp. of 18 cyberage bands. Names you'll recognize include :Biopsy, Velvet Acid Christ, Inertia, Noxious Emotion, and Holocaust Theory (the noisiest track on the cd). Also bands like Blind Passengers, Audio Paradox, Fockewolf, Gasket, Volition, Osofaux, Manhole Vortex, and Rkik contribute some great upbeat elektro tracks. DSBP's compilations are always good resources for finding new talent, and this is probably their best in terms of quality and continuity. For more information definitely check out their website where you can also hear the broadcast of CYBERAGE RADIO!!

Author: Tommy T.
Publication: Outburn


Other tracks that caught my attention include Matrix's up-beat dance track with a multi-voiced male/female chorus, "Dreams are Real," and the energetic Volition track "Pacific." As an added bonus, almost all the tracks on Elektro Discharge are previously unreleased or remixes exclusive to this CD.

Author: B.D. Scheffel
Publication: Digital Intersect


The second disc has ten of fifteen tracks as absolute classics including superb compositions from Pet of the Future, fockewolf, SpineFolder, Attenuated Euphoria, Volition, Mesmer, Cult of One, Consortium to name just a few. Overall, it does show that there are just so many talented bands out there. Lord knows how many will ever release a full length album, but here's to hoping you support them and try out two excellent CD's of original Industrial and electronic music, the future offspring of FLA, Ministry, Prodigy, Swamp Terrorists, and a whole load more - right here and right now.

Author: Andy Gee
Publication: CDS Mail Order




Devin Williams is one of the most talented keyboardist and programmers from the Portland scene, as his contributions to Nobody and UXB will attest. Volition is his solo project, and The Mirror is a highly-polished track reminiscent of early Clan of Xymox amalgamated with early 808 State. The vocals are Xymox-esque, as are the melodic string pads. Although the hi-hats in the song may get repetitious after awhile, the contrast of mechanic electronics and more organic pads and vocals do make for a even balance.

Author: m.c. death
Group: Attenuated Euphoria


Portland, Oregon has a scene? Apparently a 2 CD's worth! This double CD compilation showcases the indie electronic scene from the Pacific Rim (mostly Portland). Most of the bands are Post-Industrial, Rock projects, but a few EBM and Techno geared electronic groups creep in. None of the bands are terribly amazing, but there's little doubt that there's something here for everyone, especially for those of you with the "first on the block" syndrome. With a line-up as varied as this, surely some of these bands will rise above their current unknown state. Possible candidates? AREA88, sexwithsarah, Thine Eyes, Bäuk Blinden, NuMantra, Volition, and Noxious Emotion. Unsigned band compilations always suffer from the inexperience of the bands that they are promoting, but Resurgence fairs quite decently, but mostly due to the quantity of new bands than anything else. 

Author: Eric Kauffman
Publication: Interface


After the delicious Undercurrent compilation from Doppler Effect, when I was received this double CD I was quite excited. Resurgence features many bands, both old and new, from the Oregon and Washington Industrial scenes. Many of these bands such as Area 88, Thine Eyes, SMP, and Noxious Emotion have appeared on numerous compilations over the years and are building their names up well in this scene. This 2CD features angry Industrial sounds like Volition, to smooth electronic masterpieces from Thine Eyes, to raw drum-dominated rhythms from SMP, to funky beat cuts by the likes of newcomers sexwithsarah (be sure to check out their cut on the Glory Of Destruction compilation as well), as well as many others. Unfortunately, along with the many strong tracks on this compilation there are also a few follies. The main faults in bands like Pet of the Future, Omnibox, and Cult of One is the production. A few more trips to the studio could definitely due many of these bands some good, but none the less the potential is still there. This compilation covers a lot of ground and pieces of the electronic music genre, exposing many new bands, but some of them just don't need to see the light. This one is worth it for the fans of the bigger names you know on this comp, as well as a few newcomers, or for fans of the Northwest scene, but otherwise I'd pick up the Thine Eyes album, which I hear is getting pressed beyond the CDR version that was previously available.

Author: Zack
Publication: In Vein


This is the brand new two CD set of NorthWest Elektro/Ambient/Industrial/Crossover bands. All hailing from Oregon and Washington areas, this is another commendable effort and even more pleasing than the original Undercurrent. It's great to see the amount of talent emerging from this area of the USA. Bands featured include: SMP with a signature SMP track becoming catchier each time. Static provides a different type of crossover, somewhat accessible. AREA88 are up next with a very dark and aggressive long track. Sexwithsarah have a distinct style and are also geared towards Crossover Rock. Noxious Emotion then give us a nice surprise with a very new-wavish meets Project Pitchfork type sound, anthemic. Other highlights for me on disc 1 included UXB with a nice mesh of Techno Electro and Pop elements, Triple Point, Fell.Head and Gasket had some distinct tracks and NuMantra have a Pigface influence with cool sitars. Disc 2 opened up with the soundtrack-like Pet of the Future track. fockewolf have a very addictive track that I just want to listen to over and over. Attenuated Euphoria really caught my ear with a chaotic elektro industrial track at just the right moment. I really like the rest of the album from here on out; Volition has a nice mix of styles that I'd really like to hear more from this band. RKiK had a very catchy track and everything I hear from this man I like as well. Minimalistic Elektro but effective. Mesmer also provided a different style to the CD with a mix of robotics, psychedelics, and Doors-ish vocals. lxl, Pen-15, viktim, Tinty Music, Cult of One, and Consortium round out this very interesting fun and diverse disc. Pick this up right away, it will open your mind to some great new talent!

Author: Tommy T.
Publication: Outburn

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