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Blame it on Satan's Ugly Sister and her Troublesome Monkey. An ear was whispered into, a few phone calls made, and the mayhem ensued. Satan's Ugly Sister and her Troublesome Monkey created four creatures with four completely different mindsets, mutilated them into Nobody and from Nobody came the beautifully confusing, sexually maniacal, psychotronic auralstrations ov a doomed and pitiful generation.

"Ya know", said Satan's Ugly Sister, "the rock and roll will call it goth , the goth will call it pop, the pop will call it techno, the techno will call it industrial, the industrial will call it rock. What better way to collect the souls ov all those ignorant, self righteous, pigeon-holing 'music' lovers who just love to put things in a category, then by giving them a brain aneurysm trying to figure this one

"Hee hee hee", laughed the Troublesome Monkey.

Psychotronic-techno-pop... this may be the best way to describe what NOBODY sounds like. Mixing individual influences ranging from techno, pop, rock and industrial, NOBODY creates a sound both aggressive and frantic as well as danceable and fun. Based in Portland, Oregon, NOBODY has been recording and playing shows since the spring of 1996. Since NOBODY's inception in 1995, the band has recorded and self-released their debut CD, "cares..." and are also appearing on a compilation CD, Undercurrent, that features many other Northwest goth and industrial bands.

Nobody is: 
Christopher Agnew - ventriloquial prestidigitator 
Devin Williams - synthetic aural engineer 
Eric French - drums, percussion advisor 
Robert Clark - bass foundation

For audio samples please go to http://www.mp3.com/nobody_portland/

For more information, contact:

Devin Williams
P.O. Box 19881
Portland, Oregon  97280
e-mail:  livewire@hevanet.com


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All songs (c) & (p) 1997, 1998, 1999 Devin Williams (BMI)