A gallery of watercolors, silkscreened prints, giclee prints and note cards by Henry Yuen.

Henry Yuen sketches every day scenes of people at work and play and translates his sketches in watercolor paintings, stenciled or pochoir prints, silkscreened prints, and digital illustrations. He paints people working on fishing boats, boarding trains, shopping at a farmer's market, or enjoying a quiet moment in a clothes optional setting such as a hot springs or a nude beach. His naturist art have been published six times on the cover of N magazine and shown in a Danish exhibition.

couple launching kite

At the beach, hot springs, and mountains, far away from life in the fast lane.

steam engine at Union Station

Trains as a way of life and vacation.

couple chatting over mailsail boom on a sailboat

Boats, the coast, and the people that work and play on them.

people walking along NW 23rd

Farmer's market, fish auctions, and more.

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