Naturist art by Henry Yuen

A gallery of watercolors, silkscreened prints, giclee prints and note cards depicting naturist resorts, clothes optional beaches, hot springs, and events.

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One of a kind sculpture

couple with a ladder catching a falling star

"catch a falling star"

This reminded me of a song whose lyrics were "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket. Never let it fade away". Except neither of us had pockets.

Polymer clay with acrylic patina, 8.5 inch figures, 19 inch total height, wood base

Original 12 x 18 inch giclee prints

hikers climbing up and over a big fallen tree

"Up and over"

High winds and rain soaked soils from last winter's storms causes a lot of big trees to fall over. This one fell across the trail and we waited for our turn to climb up and over the fallen tree.

12 x 18 inch giclee print $40 USD

World naked bike ride on Westminster Bridge

"London WNBR"

The World Naked Bike Ride is an annual, worldwide bike ride that highlights the vulnerability of cyclists on the road everywhere, decries society’s oil-dependent transportion and celebrate the power and individuality of the human body.

12 x 18 inch giclee print $40 USD

hikers in wildflower meadow

"wildflower meadow"

Hiking out of the forest and into a mountain or alpine meadow during the peak of wildflower season is spectacular. The blooms are concentrated in a small area and profuse. Sometimes there are also butterflies. Once in a while, there may be a hummingbird.

Cascade Range, Oregon.

12 x 18 inch giclee print $40 USD

cyclist with old timber bridge in background

"timber trestle"

It was a pleasant surprise to find an old timber trestle bridge still standing in the forest. This one was once used by a logging railroad. Not very many of these wooden structures are still in existence after all these years of flood damage and forest fires.

Pacific Coast Range, Oregon.

12 x 18 inch giclee print $40 USD

bicycle crossing suspension bridge

"bridge crossing"

Twenty-two of us just finished an 11 mile bicycle ride through a forested park. In order to get to the World Naked Bike Ride, we had to get to the other side of the Willamette River by crossing the the Saint John's Bridge, a beautiful 4-lane steel suspension bridge completed in 1931.

Portland, Oregon

12 x 18 inch giclee print $40 USD

hikers on Pacific Coast Range

"hiking on old logging road"

We hiked the Pacific Coast Range in late summer while it was still warm. We followed an old logging road through some clear cut areas. The area had been replanted but the new trees were still small which allowed us a view of the ocean.

Pacific Coast Range, Oregon

12 x 18 inch giclee print $40 USD

3 runners running uphill.

"Mountain runners"

Mountaindale Sun Resort hosts a 5K run each year in the foothills of the Pacific Coast Range. Part of the course is through a forest of Douglas Fir. The runners ascend about 500 feet in elevation over a two third mile section of the course.

Mountaindale Sun Resort, Oregon

12 x 18 inch giclee print $40 USD

running up sand dunes.

"Rooster Rock 5K scramble"

Rooster Rock is the name of a park on the Columbia River where a 5K run was hosted. It required scrambling up sand dunes in addition to running along a beach.

Rooster Rock, Oregon.

12 x 18 inch giclee print $40 USD

ice cream vendor

"ice cream boat"

What a surprise to see an ice cream boat at the beach.

Sauvie Island, Oregon.

12 x 18 inch giclee print $40 USD

running through forest.

"Fig leif 5K"

Once a year there is a 5K fun run on Leif Ericson Drive. Hence the name of the event is Fig Leif 5K. This giclee also appeared on the cover of N Magazine 31.4, summer 2012.

Portland, Oregon.

12 x 18 inch giclee print $40 USD

group of cyclists.

"World Naked Bike Ride"

Seventy of us rode our bikes in the day time world naked bike ride. Another 5,000 rode in the night time WNBR. The WNBR is an annual event in cities and countries around the world protesting against our society’s dependence on petroleum for energy. We also rode our bikes nude because nudity highlights a cyclist’s vulnerability in traffic due of the lack of respect from drivers. This giclee also appeared on the cover of N Magazine 31.1, fall 2011.

Portland, Oregon.

12 x 18 inch giclee print $40 USD

Original 10 x 14 inch silkscreen prints

group of people hiking on ridge overlooking coast.

"coastal mountain hike"

One of the treats of hiking on the Oregon Coast Range mountains is coming to a clearing and gazing on the views up and down the Oregon coast.

Pacific Coast Range, Oregon.

10 x 14 inch screen and stencil print $40 USD

people on beach with lifegaurd in background.

"beach with lifeguard"

I have had so many people ask me to paint "beach with lifeguard" again that I created this screened and stenciled print version. Although over a decade has passed, it is still rare to see lifeguards at nude beach in the U.S. because many religious leaders consider a nude beach as scandalous. Therefore, parks and recreation managers are reluctant to acknowledge the existence of a clothes optional beach under their care even though there are often more people at the nude section than at the clothed section.

Sandy Hook, New Jersey

10 x 14 inch screen and stencil print $40 USD

Couple playing smashball. Rental with flags from around the world is in the background.


Mountaindale Sun Resort, Oregon.

10 x 14 inch screen and stencil print $40 USD

People rowing ashore in a rubber dinghy with sailboat in the background.

"yacht tender"

Racing sailboats was one of the few sports that I did well in. My boat was a day sailer, big enough for a cabin, but not big enough to stand up in. Nevertheless, I like to call it my yatch. Sailboats have keels so you had to anchor in fairly deep water. To get ashore, you rowed back and forth in a smaller boat. The real yatchs had beautiful tenders with lapstrake hulls and wine glass transoms. Not me. I had a little inflatable rubber dinghy.

Sauvie Island, Oregon.

10 x 14 inch screen and stencil print $40 USD

group of people walking through Arizona desert

"desert hike"

Being new to the desert, I was happy to have a guide lead this hike. She did a very good job, leading us along an arroyo, stream bed, never straying far from the water. I was amazed by the variety of desert plants and cactus.

Table Mesa Road, Arizona

10 x 14 inch screen and stencil print $40 USD

group of people walking through forest.

"forest hike"

I always enjoyed hiking with others. Some people are knowlegeable about the local plants and others can indentify a bird from its song. Still other can tell you stories about the local history.

Lake Associates Recreation Club, Washington

10 x 14 inch screen and stencil print $40 USD

couple in hottub reading

"Hot tub all to ourselves"

If you can get to Bagby Hot springs early, you may get the tub all to yourself. Then you can stretch out and catch up on a good book.

Bagby Hot Springs, Oregon.

10 x 14 inch screen and stencil print $40 USD

couple being waited on at espresso stand

"Espresso stand"

Espresso coffee stands are ubiquitous where I live and nudist resorts are no exception. The people serving food and beverages, however, have to wear clothing approved by the local health and sanitation departments.

Lake Associates Recreation Club, Washington.

10 x 14 inch screen and stencil print $40 USD

Original 21 x 14 inch watercolors

group of people running on beach.

"5K fun run"

I used to walk 30 minutes a day but my doctor told me that was not enough and I had to start taking medications to lower my cholesterol level. At the same time, I became aware of nude 5K fun runs at a local beach. I gave it a try but discovered I was out of shape. There were two more run scheduled for that summer and that was the incentive I needed to start running on a daily basis. It took two weeks before I could run 5K non stop. By the end of the summer, I could run 5K in 30 minutes. Better yet, I had lowered my cholesterol to where my doctor said I no longer needed to start the medications.

Sauvie Island, Oregon.

21 x 14 inch Original Watercolor $325 USD

Couple walking away from their motorhome under canopy of big fir trees.

"magestic big fir trees"

When I think of the northwest, I think of magestic fir trees. I am not sure if the fir trees at Squaw Mountain Ranch are old growth, but they big and tall. When you walk from the parking area to the clubhouse, watch out for the big tree roots. You might see chipmunks running back and forth.

Squaw Mt Ranch, Oregon.

21 x 14 inch Original Watercolor $325 USD

Couple riding bicycles around small lake.

"bicycling to resturant"

I try to walk or bicycle where ever I go. I finally found a place to ride a bicycle without any clothes on. At Laguna del Sol, you can camp almost anywhere around their 25 acre lake. If you choose to camp on the side of the lake that is opposite from the resturant, it's handy to have a bicycle. If not, walk. We all need the exercise.

Laguna Del Sol, California.

21 x 14 inch Original Watercolor $325 USD

outdoor vendors at naturist event

"event vendors"

Vendors at naturist events offer variety of handmade jewelry, articles of clothing, and art to see. That is in addition to espresso and massages.

Lake Associates Recreation Club, Washington.

21 x 14 inch Original Watercolor $325 USD

people in cooking competition

"Chili cooking competition"

Everyone is busy with his or her job and it is easy to forget that on this weekend you don't have to wear clothes if you don't want to. Sad to say that on Monday morning, the neckties and pantyhoses go back on.

Squaw Mountain Ranch, Oregon

21 x 14 inch Original Watercolor $325 USD

Note cards

example of horizontal and vertical note cards

Note cards are 4 1/4" by 5 1/2", blank inside, printed on acid-free paper with informational text on the back and with matching envelopes.

$4.00 USD each or an assortment of 5 of your choice for $15.00 USD.

hiking note cards

hikers on Pacific Coast Range

Hiking on old logging road

group of people hiking on ridge overlooking coast.

coastal mountain hike

group of people walking through Arizona desert

desert hike

group of people walking through forest

forest hike

hikers stopped to look at wildflowers

wildflower walk

hikers in the middle of a meadow filled with wildflowers

wildflower meadow

food and drink note cards

couple being waited on at espresso stand

espresso stand

people eating and talking on the deck

outdoor wine and cheese social

people gathered around bar-b-que

BBQ social

people in cooking competition

chili cooking competition

couple sipping coffee under umbrella at outdoor table

conversation with coffee

people at a food vendor

lunch at hot dog stand

ice cream vendor

ice cream boat

sauna and hottub note cards

couple in hottub reading

hot tub to ourselves

couple in a sauna heated with a woodstove

sauna with wood stove

woman in hottub explaining to others her watch is waterproof

waterproof watch

outdoor sauna


hot springs note cards

2 couples sharing a hot springs

Olympic Hot Springs

people sitting in hot springs by river and talking

solving the world's problems

people soaking in hot tub with partial roof over their heads

hot springs with roof overhead

2 couples in fresh water springs

cold fresh water springs

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