New document Pipe Metallurgy Slideshow
Prepared originally for the American Chemical Society, Portland, Oregon, USA Section, the slideshow includes pictures of different pipe metals and explains some of the differences among metals used for pipes in pipe organs.

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Pipe Metallurgy Slideshow

Uploaded 12 March 2004.

Specifications for the 2007 Paul Fritts & Co. Pipe Organ at St. Joseph’s Cathedral, RC, Columbus, OH, USA
The pipescale files that Paul Fritts created for the pipe organ at St-Joseph's Cathedral, RC, could not reside on the piporg-l website. In order that list members have access to them, they are stored on this website.

During the period February 25-March 1, 2007, David Dahl produced a Summary Report about the new Fritts organ, which is included here in PDF format. Links to Paul Fritts' four Excel pipescale files, which include multiple worksheets, are listed below:

St-Joseph Great Scales
St-Joseph Positive Scales
St-Joseph Swell Scales
St-Joseph Pedal Scales

If you have any questions about these files, please contact David Dahl or Paul Fritts. If you have problems with the webpage please contact me via the listserver.

Uploaded 4 April 2007 Martha Dibblee