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History and Poetry of Place

Poetry of Place and the Beginning of Wisdom: On Naming the World

Spirituality in Poetry of Place

Political Poetry of Place

Place Names in Poetry of Place

Architecture and Poetry of Place

Catullus and the Structure of the Poem

Walking and Poetry of Place

Climate Change and Poetry of the Northwest

The Question of Form, Continued: The Outside

The Question of Form

Poetry of Place-Based Skills and Crafts

The Transformations

Poetry of the Invisible Landscape

Dwelling in Place

Northwest Coastal Poetry of Place

The Workplace in Poetry

Poetry of Place on a New Earth

Poetry of Place as Sanctuary

Poetry of Witness in the Northwest

Gardener Poets

Robinson Jeffers and Poetry of Place

Global Warming and the Poetry of Place

Entwining Human Concerns and Particular Places

Poems of Cemetery Places

Commuter Places


Peak Oil and Poetry of Place

The Tao of Place

Discovering Home: Readings on "a Sense of Place"

What Are Poets For?

A Local Habitation and a Name: The Specifics of Place

Form in Poetry of Place  

Poetry of Place


The classic is the local fully realized, 
words marked by a place.
—William Carlos Williams

Windfall: A Journal of Poetry of Place features poetry which captures the spirit of place as part of the essence of the poem. We particularly emphasize poetry which is written in the Pacific Northwest and which is attentive to the relationships between people and the landscapes in which we live. —Bill Siverly & Michael McDowell, editors

Spring 2019 Issue
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Gary Lark | Pepper Trail | Joe Cottonwood | Vince Wixon | Jenny Root | Kari Ann Easton | David Filer | Bill Siverly | Paulann Petersen | Suzy Harris | Elizabeth McLagan | Tim Gillespie | Christine Colasurdo | Kim Stafford | Michael McDowell | Keri Hakan | Penelope Scambly Schott | Mike Langtry | Alex Leavens | Timothy Pilgrim | Victoria Crawford |
Eric le Fatte | Kathleen Stancik | Susan Johnson | Alice Derry | Bette Lynch Husted

Sharon Bronzan, "Visitor" 2017

History and Poetry of Place

Poetry Reading
Broadway Books • 7:00 PM • Tuesday, June 4, 2019 • Admission free
• Featuring Christine Calasurdo, Kari Ann Easton, David Filer, and Elizabeth McLagan

Windfall magazine cover with image of woman with butterflies flying around her
Spring 2019
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Fall 2018
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The Road to Lilac Hill:
Poems of Time, Place, and Memory
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