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"Rodeo Star" 1994 One of my all time favorite sculptures. This sculpture utilizes a horse shoe for the cowboys bow legs. The lariat is kinetic and spins around the cowboy. The first one of these that I made was around 1976, at that time they did not have the kinetic lariat. Now I see horse shoe legged cowboy sculptures everywhere, recently I even saw one in a catalog with a kinetic lariat. Either there are a lot of like minded sculptors or my design is being imitated.


"Balancing Act" 1997 A very difficult sculpture to make, but a lot of fun to play with.


"Bonsai Fir with Kinetic Element" 1995 The tree is very ornate with its setting on a rock in a sea of waves. The pilot of the bi-plane had to bail out and now the falling plane is chasing him around the tree.

"The One That Didn't Get Away" 1982 I made This sculpture while I was a student at Portland State University. Originally it had a hand crank on it that made the guy row the boat while the sharks mouth moved up and down. A local art organization named the Northwest Artist Workshop was having a show called "Coin-Op Art", where all the art had to be coin operated. I installed a coin slot and a motor into the sculpture and now it rows for about a minute each time someone slides in a dime. Even though this piece is not for sale I imagine I could replicate the boat and shark with the original manual hand crank.


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