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Hevanet 56K V.92 NATIONWIDE DIAL-UP Connection

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Hevanet dial-up access is your good old fashion reliable 56k connection available nationwide. It includes full access to the Internet and a personal webpage. In addition, you get a full POP e-mail account with spam filter and virus blocking.

We have been offering this service since 1993 and you can be up an running within the hour.

The table below shows your options. There is no limit on the number of hours you can actively use the account per month. Please add $10.00 start-up fee to your first payment if you choose monthly billing.

                       Dial-up access
Monthly billing          $16.00
Quarterly billing        $45.00
Semiannually billing     $83.00
Additional POP email accounts: $2/month

To sign-up for dial-up, please CLICK HERE