daniel b cristofani

My page about the brainfuck programming language
(a language designed for the amusement of programmers)

And some other clutter I've accumulated:
Voyager 1 photo. Can you spot the Earth?
Rules of Go (ancient Chinese strategy game).
64k of pseudorandom data.
A familiar fractal in an unfamiliar format.
Graph of output from collatz.b for values from 0 to 16k.
Another nice fractal.
My walkthrough for Adam Cadre's interactive fiction "Varicella".
And another fractal.
My favorite numbers, or rather the ones that fit inside the physical universe.
A fractal derived from a cellular automaton.
(initial condition in extended life .rle format)

Spec for the wait programming language :)
fib.bf, a Befunge-93 program that outputs 12 Fibonacci numbers :)
siersig.c, shortish C program for a well-known fractal.

You can mail me at cristofdathevanetdotcom.

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