some brainfuck fluff by daniel b cristofani

Reference to the brainfuck language.

Please read the Epistle to the Implementors before implementing brainfuck,
and use these tests (or the equivalent) after.

Suggestions for intermediate brainfuck programmers.

My brainfuck programs:
bsort.b, a bubble sort program
collatz.b, a mathematical function
dbf2c.b, a brainfuck-to-C translator
dbfi.b, a brainfuck interpreter
null.b, 392quine.b, 400quine.b, 540quine.b, dquine.b; quines (392 may be the shortest real one known)
dvorak.b, a Dvorak filter for QWERTY keyboards
e.b, which computes the transcendental number e
factorial.b, which outputs arbitrarily many factorials
fib.b, which outputs arbitrarily many Fibonacci numbers
head.b, which outputs ten lines of its input
impeccable.b, which outputs a nice mathematical sequence
isort.b, an insertion sort program
jabh.b, a borrowed Perl tradition
numwarp.b, a number...obfuscator? Prettifier? (sample output)
qsort.b, a Quicksort program
random.b, a random number generator based on a cellular automaton
rot13.b, an unconcise, template-y rot13
short.b, an assortment of small programs
sierpinski.b, which outputs a Sierpinski triangle
squares.b, which outputs square numbers from 0 to 10000
squares2.b, which outputs arbitrarily many squares
thuemorse.b, which outputs the Thue-Morse sequence
utm.b, a universal Turing machine
wc.b, the standard (line and) word (and character) count utility
xmastree.b, which outputs an ASCII Christmas tree
Brief explanatory comments on most of these programs
Draft of a paper about dbfi.b

My brainfuck implementations:
A quick and dirty interpreter (written in portable C)
A clean and simple interpreter with short int cells (ditto)
The fascist, score-computing interpreter used for BFCC (ditto)
dbc.c, a compiler for Sun machines
di.html, a tiny slow-ish interpreter in JavaScript
(made from this interpreter)

Urban Müller's canonical brainfuck distribution

Contest results:
The results of Brainfuck Golf contest 0 (text-to-brainfuck)
The results of Golf contest 1 (Von Neumann integers)
The results of Golf contest 2 (sort bytes)
The results of the Brainfuck Texas Holdem contest :/
The results of Brainfuck Component Competition #1 (reverse bytes)
The results of the Logical Brainfuck Competition
The results of, I suppose, Golf contest 3? I won an inscribed abacus.

A few other pages:
Frans Faase's page
Keymaker's many brainfuck programs
Brian Raiter's page
The brainfuck archive, last updated two years ago

Incidentally, feel free to contact me at cristofdathevanetdotcom, and I will respond (probably months later).

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