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Mathematics -- Physics -- French -- Computer & Internet skills

I worked as a professional freelance tutor in Eugene, Oregon for several years. Now I am working up north in Portland, Oregon. Each summer, however, I take several weeks off from my tutoring business to work in Eugene at my job at TAG SEP. (No, I no longer do any tutoring in Eugene.)

My area of broadest and deepest expertise is mathematics; I hold a Master's in Mathematics from the University of Oregon. I also tutor statistics (just mentioning this for those who do not think of statistics as mathematics), physics, French and various computer skills such as use of E-mail programs, word processors and the Internet.

Less frequently, I have done many other things related to education or computers. I once tutored a very bright 8-year-old in some of the basics of inorganic and organic chemistry. I have instructed the employees of a company in the use of Microsoft Access (a database program). I have given English advice on, and proofread, college essays; I have been the computer systems administrator for a small private school, and once I was employed to transcribe French linguistics data from audiocassettes into text documents and spreadsheets on a computer.

For more information call Alex West at (503) 731-8792, or E-mail me.

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