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New!Here are a few words on
how to get rid of things without sending them to the landfill

If you are a mathematician or a Web author, you should read this!

I have a few things that I would like to
give away.

J'ai une page en français.

What are they telling us? Do we really absorb this?

A lot of us have given away our power: our power to choose, our power to look for a better alternative, our power to not be smashed to the wall at random times by forces greater than us. Did we notice this when it happened?


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My Thought for the Month, updated May 19th, 02004.

Anyone trying to get in touch with me should keep a watch on the page describing my plans.

My Tutoring Services

If you have a graphical Web browser and a color monitor, you may notice that all pages in my Website devoted to my tutoring services are a specific color of gray, as opposed to the blue that you see on most of my pages. Also, my tutoring pages have my business logo at the top. I hope that this will aid visitors in finding their way around my Website.

Any tutoring clients of mine who are looking for more information on what I am doing should look here. Also, if you are a current or former client of mine, and you think that I may not have your E-mail address, drop me a note, so that I will.

TAG SEP: My summer teaching job

Every summer since 1992 I have worked as a teacher at the Talented and Gifted Summer Enrichment Program held from late June to late July at the University of Oregon (my alma mater) in Eugene, Oregon. I have devoted a portion of this Website to my work there.

A Promising Site: Peace Process 2001

Susan Roth (a student that I had in one of my TAG classes in 1997) and two other Eugene students created Peace Process 2001 in the summer of 1995, with outside help, although the Peace Process 2001 team has changed since then. This site has much to interest students, children, and anyone who desires to make the world a more peaceful place.

A site of potential interest to many teachers

This site has reports written by young children about mathematicians.

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

This site at Agnes Scott College was written by adults.


The section of my site devoted to politics is undergoing some slow renovations. I also recommend visiting Project Vote-Smart.

Want to do a good deed for your community?

After the tragic school shootings in Springfield, OR in May 1998, I was speaking with some folks about the urge to get out and do something to help out, to show our support for the wounded and bereaved, or just to do a good deed. People asked me if I had any suggestions for where to start, so I made a small list. If you have any suggestions for additions or changes, please by all means write to me.

Another Intriguing Site

The folks at Global Exchange put on tours that show the underside of the place visited . . .

Thought for the Month

Looking for the current Thought for the Month? "Yes!" "Why not?" "What are you talking about?" "Absolutely!" "Hey! What happened to that great Thought for the Month that was here last time I looked!" I hear your cry. So go to the archive of old Thoughts.

Also, some of the visitors to this site may appreciate the art visible in Ophelia's Mirror.

Those in the know may appreciate the following pictures of Mara's house: the deck, the living room and don't even ask . . .

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