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Voting Suggestions and Election Commentary
for the November 2nd, 2004 general election

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U. S. President

I shall be voting for John Kerry (D). Watch this space for more.

U. S. Senator

Teresa Keane (G), a registered nurse, is running against Ron Wyden (D), and I am currently planning vote for her instead.

Oregon Congressional District #3

I shall vote for Earl Blumenauer (D), if he runs again. He's very good, and he's practically Green.


Oregon Statewide Ballot Measures

For the actual texts of the measures, see the Online Voter's Guide.
The Online Voter's Guide also has each measure's Explanatory Statement, etc.

31: (AC) Authorizes law permitting postponement of election for particular public office when nominee for office dies.

My vote: I'm not sure yet

[More research needed.]

32: (AC) Deletes reference to mobile homes from provision dealing with taxes and fees on motor vehicles.

My vote: I'm not sure yet

[More research needed.]

33: Broadens Oregon's Medical Marijuana Act: Requires marijuana dispensaries for supplying patients/caregivers; raises patients' possession limit.

My vote: I'm not sure yet

Hmm. Well, I hate to see patients going without a pain medication that works for them. On the other hand, perhaps this goes too far toward legalization. (I have mixed feelings about the legalization of marijuana, but that is a longer story than I am going into right now.)

The Oregon Medical Association is against Measure 33. So are the Libertarians, but of course in their case it's because it doesn't go far enough towards legalization.

34: Requires balancing timber production, resource conservation/preservation in managing state forests; specifically addresses two forests.

My vote: I'm not sure yet

[More research needed.]

35: (AC) Limits noneconomic damages (defined) recoverable for patient injuries caused by healthcare provider's negligence or recklessness.

My vote: I'm not sure yet

[More research needed.]

36: (AC) Only marriage between one man and one woman is valid or legally recognized as marriage.

My vote: Absolutely NOT!

I could go on about this for hours, but it boils down to two things: (1) I see no conclusive evidence (righteous posturing and theological dogma do not constitute "evidence") that homosexual couples make worse parents than heterosexual ones. (2) Regardless of (1), rules like this should be statutory, not in the constitution.

37: Governments must pay owners, or forgo enforcement, when certain land use restrictions reduce property value.

My vote: Absolutely NOT!

This is a close copy of Measure 7 from November 2000, although I must at least give the current Measure 37 credit for not being a constitutional amendment this time. But most of what I said about Measure 7 back then still applies.

38: Abolishes SAIF; state must reinsure, satisfy SAIF's obligations; dedicates proceeds, potential surplus to public purposes.

My vote: I'm not sure yet

[More research needed.]


Mayor of Portland

I voted for Tom Potter in the recent primary, and I plan to vote for him again in November. He and Francesconi have much in common, but I liked Potter in his tenure as Chief of Police, and so far I see no reason not to prefer him now.

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