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Voting Suggestions and Election Commentary
for the February 3rd, 2004 special election

Statewide Ballot Measure

Measure 30: Enacts temporary personal income tax surcharge; increases, changes corporate, other taxes; avoids specific budget cuts.

My vote: Yes

I do not want to see the cuts happen that will happen if this doesn't pass.

Not only that, Multnomah County voters need to remember that they'll get a rebate on the Multnomah County income tax we already voted in, if Measure 30 passes. Depending on the amount of the rebate, it might be less expensive for people in Multnomah County if this passes, rather than if it fails.

Also, I admit it: I like the fact that Measure 30 would raise the corporate minimum tax. What large Oregon corporation was it that made the news for paying only $10 in taxes last year? I was appalled. Well, no more of that. Now they would pay at least $250 (and possibly a lot more, depending on their sales).

There are those who say that Measure 30 will be detrimental to the economy and scare away jobs. But if that is really a concern, why is Measure 30 supported by Nike and the Oregon Business Association (to name just two business groups)?

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