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Hevanet Clean-up/Tune-up Service

Is your computer having problems? Running slow? Infected with a virus? Has your home page been hijacked and you get hundreds of pop-up ads? Does your Internet connection seem slow to bring up web pages?

If any of the above is true, your computer is in need of a tune-up. For only $99.00, we will do the following:

  • Scan and clean your computer of any viruses.
  • Scan and delete all spyware and adware.
  • Analyze and tune your Internet connection (Dialup or DSL).
  • Install Anti Spyware program. (free).
  • Install (per request) a free Anti Virus program.
  • Install (per request) a free Firewall program.
  • Make recommendations regarding computer memory and other hardware.
We can also transfer files to a new computer, or install new hardware. Often times, an inexpensive memory upgrade can improve your computer's performance dramatically. See our price list for more info.

The only stipulation is that you need to bring your computer into our offices. Sorry, we aren't able to do house calls. You only need to bring your tower or CPU unit in. If you have a laptop, be sure to bring the external power cord. Also bring any Operating System CDs or other CDs of programs that might need reinstalling. (Norton Anti Virus sometimes needs to be reinstalled).

Please call us if you would like to set up an appointment to clean-up your PC.

Feel free to contact Hevanet if you have any additional questions.