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If you have an older computer, FTP explorer may work well for you!
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You can download FTP Explorer from our ftp server by connecting your Web browser to FTP Explorer then choose Save to Disk to download the file. Unzip the file in a temporary directory and run the Setup.exe file to install the program. (if you do not have an unzipping program, download WinZip, a very good zip utility). When you run FTP Explorer for the first time, you'll be asked for some information. Fill out the dialogue box as shown. (substitute your login name for "test").

Substitute your Hevanet login name and password in the boxes above. After you Connect, you will be in your Hevanet Home directory. To upload your files, simply drag and drop them from your Folder on your PC into the window in FTP Explorer. Or click the UP arrow on the Toolbar and choose the files you wish to upload.

Don't forget to send an e-mail to support@hevanet.com with a list of all of the web pages and files that you uploaded. 

After you have uploaded you pages and notified us, we will create a Web directory and move your files to it. We will email you back a confirmation and what the path (URL) to your pages will be. This will be the address you can give out to others so they can find your pages. You will also get the new path to your own web directory so you can upload and make changes on your own as often as you like. This is how FTP Explorer Connect  dialogue should be configured after your directory is set up. Please note the change in the Initial Path box. Substitute "test" with your Hevanet login name.

Once your web directory is set up, you do not need to inform us of any changes you make to your web pages. Have fun!

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