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Pick your Style

The Hevanet site uses Cascading Style Sheets. This technology provides an easy way to make site-wide changes to the look of the pages. If you are using a version 5.0 or higher Web Browser, you can customize the look of the Hevanet Web Site. Try it out and pick your favorite. Your preferences will be stored in a "cookie", so your choice will be remembered.

  • Style 1 - This is the default Hevanet web page style. It uses a fairly small Font size in order to get as much information as possible on a page.
  • Style 2 - This is essentially the same style as Style 1, except it uses larger Font sizes for those who prefer bigger type.
  • Style 3 - This style changes many of the colors. For those who are looking for something a little different.
  • Style 4 - Similar to Style 3 but with some added elements.
  • Style 5 - Totally different from all the other styles. A good demonstration of just how far you can go with style sheets.