Descendants of

Andrew Hunter (1779 1856) of Alloa


Andrew Hunter was born January, 1779 at Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. When he died at Alloa on 24 Aug 1856, he had 62 living descendants. The genealogy presented in these web pages has been an attempt to trace those descendants and their families, and includes about 600 individuals. Like so many Scots of his generation, some of his descendants left Scotland to pursue new lives in Australia, North America, and South Africa.


The genealogy is very much a work in progress, and research has led to numerous dead ends. Few branches have been traced to the present with the exception of my own line, and even that has some stubborn gaps. Hopefully, you who find this website will be able to offer new leads and details to help fill in the gaps.


There are a few lines that are of particular interest to me.


Robert Knox Hunter (b. 1868, Alloa) oral history from Elsie and Gordon Keir relates that Robert moved to Manchester, England, as a young man, married, had several sons and made a career at the Guardian newspaper. Im anxiously awaiting the online availability of the 1901 UK census to see what that may reveal.


George Hunter (b. 5 Aug 1810 at Alloa) emigrated to Australia with his wife and 7 children in 1852 to work in the gold fields of Victoria. I have been able to uncover some details of his daughter lives in Australia, but what happened to George and his sons has remained elusive.


I hope you will find something of interest in this genealogy. Please send me your comments and questions.