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Tualatin has a contract with the city of Portland for Bull Run water.


Tualatin voters pass measure to require vote before Willamette water is used, May 22, 2002
Yesterday voters in the city of Tualatin approved measure 34-46 which changes the City Charter to require a future vote before Tualatin can use Willamette River water in its drinking water system.  The measure passed by 81%.  In the past, similar measures have passed in Tigard, Wilsonville and Sherwood.  In addition, last year the Tualatin Valley Water district board approved an ordinance to require a similar vote before Willamette river water can be used in the TVWD district.  Tualatin is also pursuing the construction of a test well for Aquifer Storage and Recovery, in which the city can purchase low cost water in the winter, inject it into the ground, and withdraw it in the summer.

Tualatin City Council votes to refer Willamette river drinking water issue, Oct. 23, 2001
Last night the City of Tualatin City Council voted 7-0 to allow the Tualatin voters to decide on whether the Tualatin city charter should be changed to require a future vote before Tualatin can use treated Willamette river water as a drinking water source.  Citizens for Safe water have been gathering signatures to force this issue by way of an Initiative Petition, and had asked the council to refer it to the voters.  Council member Ed Truax convinced the other council members to approve the issue.  The language of the measure will be approved at the council's next meeting.  The vote will occur at the May 2002 election.  Sherwood voters are voting on a similar measure at this time for the November 6, 2001 election.

Tualatin City Council reviews Aquifer Storage and Recovery test well, Sept. 11, 2001
Last night the Tualatin City Council listened to a report from Murray Smith Engineering on the feasibility of drilling a test well to determine whether one or more functional ASR wells should be pursued.  The cost of the test well was estimated at $150,000.  The Council seemed confused as to the concept of ASR, and considered it as another water source, rather than simply a low cost storage reservoir for purchased water.  The council referred the concept to the committee which was established to review long term water sources, and will review the matter at a later date.


Tualatin City Council votes to connect city with Wilsonville water, Mar. 27, 2000
Last night the Tualatin City Council approved an Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Wilsonville, in which each city could provide emergency back up water to the other.  Wilsonville recently completed construction of a water reservoir next to Tualatin's reservoir.  Under the agreement, the two cities will construct a connection between the two reservoirs, with a shut off valve.  In addition, there is a proviso that use of any Willamette water from Wilsonville would have to be approved first by the Tualatin City Council (rather than the city engineer), and that Tualatin residents must be notified before any river water is pumped to their homes.
        In a related issue, the council approved the formation of a future committee to study future long term drinking water sources.  The committee will be composed of three council members and two members of the public - to be selected by a public process.


Tualatin may get it's water from the Willamette during emergencies, Mar. 26, 2000
Barring a specific resident or councilor request, tonight the Tualatin City Council will approve both a strategy for future water needs and an agreement with Wilsonville that could bring Willamette River water into Tualatin's pipes during an emergency.  See the Oregonian article by Emily Tsao by clicking here.


Petitions now being circulated in TVWD, Tualatin and Sherwood., Oct. 3, 2000
Signatures are now being gathered in the Tualatin Valley Water District, and the cities of Tualatin and Sherwood.  In all cases the petition measures will change the city charters (and the TVWD ordinances) to require a future vote of the people before Willamette River water can be used.  If you can help get some signatures, for TVWD call Jim at 503-590-2818.  For Tualatin call Kathie at 503-692-5227, and for Sherwood call Glenn at 503-625-1436. 


CFSW Files Initiative petition in Tualatin. Sept. 27, 2000
Today Tualatin Citizens for Safe Water filed an Initiative Petition in the City of Tualatin.  If approximately 1500 valid signatures are gathered, an election will be held to determine if a new section should be added to the Tualatin City Charter which would require a future vote of the people before Willamette River water can be used as a drinking water source. 


Tualatin, Or., May 17, 2000
Tualatin voters decidedly defeated the Tualatin Revenue Bond measure to authorize 5.5 million for Tualatin's initial share of the Willamette River water treatment plant.  4703 voters residing in the City of Tualatin cast their votes, with 3428 voting no, and 1275 voting yes.  Therefore 73% voted against Willamette River water.   Thus Tualatin citizens join Tigard, Wilsonville and Sherwood in voting against the Willamette. 


Portland, Or., May 16, 2000
Today the four Citizens for Safe Water chapters in Tigard, Wilsonville, Tualatin and Sherwood submitted a formal statement to the Regional Water Providers Consortium Board.  The statement conveyed the CFSW position regarding future water sources for the SW cities, and requested that a fifth scenario (which does not include the Willamette River treatment plant) be added to the existing four scenarios in the "Regional Transmission and Storage Strategy" report.  The statement is posted on the CFSW website at  http://www.hevanet.com/safewater/consortiumstatement.htm


Tualatin, Or., May 12, 2000
Today the Tualatin Citizens for Safe Water group filed a complaint with the Oregon Secretary of State's office concerning a brochure produced by the Willamette Water Supply Agency about drinking water .  The agency represents seven different cities which are considering the Willamette as a water source.  However the brochure was only sent to Tualatin residents (who are voting on May 16 to authorize 5.5 million dollars for Tualatin's initial share of the Willamette treatment plant).   CFSW claims that the brochure's timing, content and audience (Tualatin) make it political in nature and violate a state statute prohibiting political activity to influence an election by public employees during their work time.  The brochure also used a City of Tualatin bulk mailing permit.  The brochure contained several inaccurate statements, including the statement that the EPA and DEQ have stated that treated Willamette River water will be safe to drink.  Inquiries to the EPA and DEQ have verified that they made no such statement. 
     Other earlier complaints filed with the Secretary of State's office regarding electioneering in the Wilsonville election, and the conduct of an illegal Wilsonville funding committee (H2OK) are still pending.


Tualatin, Or., Mar. 13, 2000
Michael Rosenberger - Administrator of the Portland Water Bureau - will be the featured speaker at a Public Informational Meeting to be held Tuesday, April 18, 7:30 pm at the Tualatin High School.  The meeting will be in the lecture room across from the main office.  For further information call Kathy Newcomb, 692-5227.


Hillsboro, Or., Jan. 27, 2000.
Last Monday arguments on the ballot title challenge for Sherwood and Tualatin regarding the Referendum on the Revenue Bond authorizations of each city to fund their share of the Willamette River treatment plant were heard by Judge Mark Gardner of the Circuit Court. The petitioners, who were members of the Citizens for Safe Water organizations in Tigard and Tualatin appeared pro se (without legal council).
                Today (Thursday) judgment was rendered. The petitioners prevailed in each case. Thus each city's ballot title, as rewritten by the judge, now has references to the Willamette river in the Caption, Question and Summary sections. In addition, the petitioners were awarded "reasonable costs and disbursements".
                The measure will be on the Mar. 14 mail in ballot for Sherwood.   If the Tualatin CFSW group turns in enough valid signatures by Feb. 1, theirs will be on the May 16 ballot. The Tualatin group claims they should have enough signatures at this time to comply. 


Tualatin, Or., Dec. 28, 1999.
Today the Tualatin Citizens for Safe Water filed a petition in Circuit Court to review the ballot title as prepared by the Tualatin City Attorney.  The attorney deleted the reference to the Willamette river from the "Question" part of the ballot title, which is what residents will be reading when they vote on the revenue bond funding for the Willamette treatment plant.  Help is needed in gathering 700 signatures by Feb. 1.   Call 692-5227 if you can help get some signatures.


Tualatin, Or., Nov. 22, 1999.
Tonight the Tualatin City Council, after listening to several hours of testimony from citizens against the Willamette option, and no testimony in favor of the option, voted unanimously to issue 5.5 million in revenue bonds to fund their share of the Willamette option transmission lines, intake, etc.  At a future date they will fund additional capital for an expansion of the treatment plant itself.  Tualatin mayor Ogden stated that he does not consider their participation in the Willamette as a backup supply, but as a primary supply needed for future growth.  Tualatin's Public Utilities Director also mentioned that Tigard has not attended the meetings of the Willamette Water Supply Agency for several months, and at this time Tigard is not considered a player.  That leaves Wilsonville, TualatinValley Water District, Tualatin and Sherwood as potential participants in the treatment plant.  








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