...I Can't Believe I Missed...

    We all have had a feeling of disappointment. During the hunting season we spent lots of time, and money pursuing our favorite fall hunting activity, whether it be Upland Game or Waterfowl. Hours spent dog training, travel expense, and high energy spent hunting, only to experience the misfortune of missing what seemed like easy shots. The Portland Gun Club has an answer to this age-old question. Now the Portland Gun Club can offer a wide range of shooting opportunities with targets thrown that simulate any kind of hunting conditions found in the field.
    A visitor does not have to be a bird hunter to enjoy the many varieties of clay target shooting available at the Portland Gun Club. New shooters find the different types of target games interesting, compelling, and just plain fun. What the Portland Gun Club offers is an opportunity to have a wide range of shotgun shooting experience in an environment that Emphasizes Safety First.
    Conveniently located in SE Portland, the club is easily accessible for an afternoon or evening of shooting, in a pleasant atmosphere that is warm and friendly. The Portland Gun Club is interested in new members. The public is welcome to participate, and use the shooting facilities during the open hours.
    The Portland Gun Club has a clubhouse, which includes meeting space, kitchen and dining facilities. We can accommodate company functions, group outings, and create custom shooting events for groups in sizes from 20 to 100 people. The club can provide a safe shooting experience for groups with a wide range of shooting abilities, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
    Remember, Safety First is our philosophy. So expect to meet folks who share this philosophy, and are helpful and friendly. We are proud of the Club's history and tradition, and hope you will take an afternoon or evening and join us.


Club Hours

Tuesday & Thursday 12pm - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am - 5pm

Eye & Ear Protection Mandatory

Maximum Load Allowed - 3 Dram #7 1/2 Shot


~  25 Birds  ~  $3.75 - Member  ~  $4.75 - Nonmember

  ~  50 Birds  ~  $10 - Member  ~  $12 - Nonmember

Annual Membership  ~  $65/Year  ~  Due July 1st or Pro-Rated