Area 51:A Hypertext History by refugee


I've often wondered what goes on in this place. Being a seeker after mysteries this seems to me to be the biggest man-made enigma in modern history. For decades the government of the USA refused to admit that Area 51 existed, even when confronted with photographs of it.

Secrecy is very severe at Area 51. The only other project I know of that was as secret was the Manhattan project[20205 bites], the race to build the first atomic bomb. Babies born in Los Alamos, New Mexico at the time, had a post office box in near by Sante Fe, New Mexico as their place of birth. However in Area 51 even the garbage from the kitchen is burned and entombed on site. The only thing that comes out of Area 51 are the men and women who work there. Sometimes I wonder if they lay awake at night wondering if someday they will no longer be allowed to leave either. Could the work in Area 51 be as or even more important as the development of the first nuclear weapon during a desperate war time race with the US and its enemies to build it?

Area 51 is a riddle, but even a riddle needs clues. So here are a few items that I've wrestled from the vast expanses of the US Department of Energy (DOE) archives. Each item has a link to declassified documents found on the Human Radiation EXperiments (HREX) home page run by the DOE.

The Area 51 Hypertext History is constantly being updated and changed so check it frequently for new information.

Groom Mine

Before Area 51 was built the region it now occupies was called Groom Dry Lake. There were several mines in the area but I haven't found where they are located yet. It seems reasonable to me that if there is an place called Groom Lake and a Groom mine and evidently a town of Groom, they should all be in the same general area. But for now that's just an asumption.


Area 51 seems to have begun as a base called Watertown. While I can't prove this (yet) I can show that it was started around 1955 at the dry Groom Lake bed were Area 51 is. It was a goverment installation where the U-2 spy plane was worked on.

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