This is a photo of our barn and arena a few years ago...it has changed and I'll replace this one with new ones. The parking lot is a lot bigger than when this was taken. Its not too fancy, but its very clean and well maintained. We have happy horses and the owners are equally as happy to know that their animal friends are well cared for and watched over.

This is looking at the barn from the back.

This is in the barn looking down the alley. The horses we're all eating or you would have seen all the little heads looking at us. They each have a place to have their head out of the stall so they don't feel confined and can see everywhere. On the right is the wash rack, fan in front of it. We set fans up for air circulation during the hot part of the year.

This is inside the arena. We keep it dust free and worked up to insure clean air and good footing.

The next photos were taken recently of the green pastures & hilly little valley we live in.

This is looking out of the driveway from the house.

The barn/arena are on the right. This is looking off our back deck into one of the pastures..

This is another shot from the driveway.

This is another view from the driveway.

More to come!!!