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Impresa is a Portland-based consulting firm providing economic analysis, policy development, communication, capacity building and evaluation services. Nearly all of our work deals with helping our clients--businesses, governments, non-profits, individuals--understand and deal effectively with unfolding changes in the economy. Impresa, by the way, is an Italian word meaning "business enterprise."

We believe a central and recurring aspect of this changing economy is the role that knowledge creation plays in driving economic success. The ability to create economically valuable new ideas, not simply to access information, seems to explain the difference between workers, businesses and communitie s that are flourishing, and those that are floundering. Consequently, strategies for coping with economic change revolve around four dimensions of learning:

  • learning for workers - higher skills, including problem-solving, teamwork and communication
  • learning for firms - structuring work organization to promote innovation and tap the talents of all workers
  • learning for industries - building the connections among firms that stimulate progress in clusters, and
  • learning for communities - nurturing those aspects of local culture and institutions that stimulate innovation and learning by workers, firms and industries.
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Impresa's principals are Joseph Cortright and Laurel Dukehart. Cortright is an economist who served as the chief economic development staff person for the Oregon Legislature over a twelve-year period in which Oregon produced a number of nationally-recognized innovations in development policy, including the Oregon Benchmarks, sector strategies, workforce policies, and entrepreneurial development. Dukehart brings substantial experience in marketing and communications, and in connecting the public and private sectors to creatively solve problems. She has developed state-wide strategies for community outreach, and advises clients on developing messages for audiences ranging from legislators, to stockholders, to the media.