Letter to the Editor - Woodworth

Dear Kort;

English is not a Latin-based language as you stated in your article. The basic structure and vocabulary of English come from a sister-language of Latin, which, like the other sister-languages of Greek, Sanskrit, and Slavic, all sprang from a still-earlier language that we now call Indo-European. English borrowed a number of words into its vocabulary that were ultimately from Latin - some by way of Old French during Norman rule, and some as burgeoning science and technology deliberately augmented the basic language with Latinate terms. But the core of the language, its grammar and most basic vocabulary, are not Latin-based in any sense, and I hope you will correct the misimpression. The actual Latin-based languages are Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, and Romanian, along with some dialects.

Fred Woodworth
The Match!
Box 3012
Tuscon, AZ 85702

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